Trevor Griffin

If I could add to the art scene what it is to add bacon to any food dish, then I would be content.


Being ADHD before it was popular, I have long sought stimulation of the senses so I seek not to create a simple image, but rather, an engaging experience. Art, to me, should be challenging, expanding our imaginations and perceptual paradigms, not just addressing individual ideas, but grand, overarching cohesive collections of ideas and imagery.  

That, and I'm a spaz.



Form. The human condition is so beautifully complex and the expression therein is infinite with possibility. 


The Renaissance age is my favorite artistic era of all time, which explains why I have such a long list of activities I indulge in; voice over acting, painting, writing, weightlifting, reading philosophy, re-reading Calvin and Hobbes, playing and listening to music, comedy, cars, chess, history, eating, sports and socializing. 


I got a Scratch n Sniff sticker once. It smelled fantastic and I will cherish that moment forever...FOREVER! 

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